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How to Submit a ticket in new HelpDesk System

1. In the new system, you can look at either the Knowledge base documents listed under Training or Submit a Ticket on the right-hand side.

HelpDesk 1 with annotations.png

2. Enter your school email address and click on Continue.

email request.png

3. The new ticket interface will appear.

4. Fill out the appropriate fields. Any fields with an asterisk (*) is a required field.

Location field: Campus or Department
Phone: Fill your phone number.
Class: Click on the down arrow and select the best ticket class for your issue. For some classes, a sub class might appear. For your ticket to be routed correctly, selected the best class and if needed sub class.
Subject and Details fields are used to described the issue include identifying information for the computer (if there are multiple computers in the room,) indicate the exact issue, and any troubleshooting that has been done.

Screenshot and other documents can be attached.

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