Customize to Live Tiles for Windows 10

Add, delete, rearrange, and resize live tiles in Windows 10.

The Start menu now has three sections instead of two.

1. On the far left, you'll find icons/titles of all your applications.

2. The tile section is called Live Tiles and can be customized.

3. The last section is the traditional taskbar at the bottom.

Desktop section.png

Add a Tile

1.To add (pin) a new tile to the tile section, locate the application on the far left section.

2. Right-click on the application and select Pin to Start.

3. The new tile will appear. This tile can then be moved (see below.)

Pin to Start.png

Delete A TIle

1. Locate the tile and right-click.

2. Select Unpin from Start.

Unpin to Start.png

Move a Tile

Locate the tile and click and drag the tile to a new location.

Tile 1 with cursor.png

Resize the Tile

1. Right-click the tile.

2. Select Resize

3. Choose Small or Medium.

Resize a TIle.png